The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on many lives across the globe and cancer has been one of the most affected healthcare services at this time. Cancer Research UK reports issues in screening, referrals and treatment, all resulting in a backlog of patients experiencing disruption or delay to their life saving treatment. Meanwhile, Macmillan’s service users are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain and poorer sleep.

Reports from The LGBT Foundation and Consortium have shown us that LGBT people are a highly affected yet underrepresented minority during the pandemic. Poor monitoring standards in health and social services have resulted in an incomplete account of impact for those in the queer community.

In the interest of addressing this gap we launched our online survey. Data was collected across a two month period from May to July and yielded over 70 responses from various countries. Now we are pleased to share our findings in our “Cancer, COVID & Our Community” report.

We heard from many different LGBTIQ+ people affected by cancer and appreciate every response that we received. Your completed surveys helped us identify that our community is experiencing high levels of concern around loneliness, work, mental health and physical health. The pandemic, along with the government shielding measures, has greatly impacted LGBTIQ+ cancer patients’ lives and there is more work to be done to support and protect our community.

This report has been shared with the NHS and numerous cancer charities to raise awareness of our community’s experience. If you would like to read the full report, it is available here. A summary infographic of the key findings is available here.

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