Introducing the Provider Pack!

As a charity, we are privileged to be welcomed into many different health and support services to provide core LGBT education to staff. These sessions are always a great way to share what we know and to try and create a solid foundation of LGBT core knowledge in our learners.

Reflecting on our experiences, we have decided to expand our reach through the Provider Pack. We have repackaged some of our foundational learning in a way that is easy to understand and easy to share. Essentially a collection of useful handouts and grab sheets, the Provider Pack can be used by all healthcare and third sector workers to support our community when we come through your doors. We cover a range of topics including pronouns, gender, language and how we’re affected by cancer. All of the essential factors that can trip people up.

The Provider Pack is intended to be the first step towards further education. If you read it and feel that there’s more you want to learn about, contact us directly to hear about our educational talks and webinar opportunities.

To view the Provider Pack, click the image below. To download, right-click and "save link as".

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