We are bringing back our face-to-face peer support meetings!

By now, it is well known that the coronavirus has shaken up the cancer sector from screening all the way through to support. Before the pandemic, we were providing physical meetings and had exciting events lined up through the summer but these had to be paused to protect our service users’ health.

We responded to the pandemic by taking our peer support online in order to try and keep us connected throughout lockdown and shielding. These sessions have proven to be a great way for us to stay in touch with each other and reach new people in London (where we’re based) and beyond, going as far as Scotland and even America.

As the world slowly begins to open back up, we want to be able to welcome people back into physical meetings. We have heard from our attendees that the time is right, and we are excited to make this a possibility.

Our online support will still continue. We want to make sure we are still here for people who may not able to reach our meetings in person, or who feel that they want to remain online for any other personal or health reasons. We hope that some people will also use the physical meetings in addition to online support, helping some attendees to build a more regular contact with ourselves and the other attendees.

Our face-to-face peer support meetings will be available in Maggie’s Barts and Maggie’s Oxford to begin. The first of these will be:

  • 18th of October at 3pm with Maggie’s Barts in Central London.

Our peer support sessions are open to any LGBTIQ+ person above the age of 18 who has been affected by cancer. To register your interest for our peer support, please fill out the small form below and you will be added to the meeting mailing list. If the form is not displaying properly, you can also access it via this link.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Supported by Maggie’s and the Consortium LGBT+ Futures: Intersections Fund

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