As the director of Live Through This it is important to make a statement on this issue as I believe that every person with a public platform has a duty to stand up for what they believe is right: BLACK LIVES MATTER.

As we remember George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Belly Mujinga and countless others gone too soon, it is important that we look not only to the system but also to ourselves and see what work we can do in our own communities to be part of the change.

Racial inequalities exist at many levels in many different faculties and institutions including but not limited to: systemic racism, white bias of history, policing, diminished opportunities, lack of representation and health disparities that have been further exemplified in the wake of COVID19.

Cancer incidence between Black and white people shows its greatest disparity in old age, particularly in men. But this is not a stand alone contributable factor as socioeconomic status and healthcare access can affect outcomes and are inevitably a reflection of the class structures currently within our society.

Therefore our understanding of these differences must commit to including and addressing these additional barriers if we are truly to seek effectual change. Discussion of equality leads on to equity but it is the restructuring of the system and the key roles within that will support progress.

To that end, we commit to continuing our representation of Black and other POC communities in our work and will strive to push this further. We commit to learning more about the unique oppressions and health differences facing the Black community, particularly in relation to our work in cancer and support. We will continue to include and raise Black and other POC voices at all levels of our work from beneficiaries to senior positions. We will continue to teach intersectionality in our training materials and develop more racial awareness into sessions. We understand this education and development must also be applied internally and backed up with policy. We will continue to listen to our Black friends, family and community members about the changes that need to come and understand this is our work. We will continue to collaborate with Black community organisations and public speakers and support them in their work with our platform whenever possible. We stand with our Black brothers, sisters and siblings always.



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