Meet the team that makes it all happen

Stewart O’Callaghan

Stewart O’Callaghan (they/them)

Founder + Director

Stewart O’Callaghan is the founder and director of Live Through This. They started the organisation after seeing a lack of LGBTIQ+ specific support or visibility in the cancer sector. Stewart was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia around Christmas 2016 and has been treated in multiple hospitals for their condition. Through their skills in research, teaching and public speaking they try to raise the profile of LGBTIQ+ issues in cancer care and support. They strongly believe in community and cooperation and are proud to work with multiple LGBT+ organisations and NHS hospitals in coordinating their efforts to improve inclusion in cancer care for all.

Dr Alison May Berner

Dr Alison May Berner (she/her)


Dr Alison May Berner is a Specialty Trainee and Clinical Research Fellow in Medical Oncology (Barts Cancer Institute) and Specialist Registrar in Gender Identity (Gender Identity Clinic Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust). She is a medical oncologist and gender identity clinician working part-time at the Gender Identity Clinic in London whilst also undertaking her PhD in cancer genomics. She provides advice and assessment for gender diverse patients with active cancer or genetic cancer predisposition, and has assisted charities including CRUK their patient information for the trans community. She leads a number of research and quality improvement projects at the intersection of cancer care and gender identity.

Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin

Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin (she/her)


Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin is an openly transgender GP in Tower Hamlets and the clinical director of her primary care network. She received the RCGP Inspiration Award in 2019.

“Trans people have specific needs and experience barriers accessing healthcare, and as a trans female GP, I am passionate about improving healthcare for the trans population. I am acutely aware of the many challenges that trans people face to overcome stigma and discrimination in healthcare. I believe in inclusivity and healthcare should be accessible to all, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and socio-economic background.”

Jacob Bayliss

Jacob Bayliss (he/him)


Jacob Bayliss is CEO of Brighton-based LGBT charity Switchboard, and has worked in the third sector on a range of Public Health projects, campaigns and initiatives over the past 10 years. Jacob is also an appointed governor for Sussex Community Foundation Trust, and is passionate about people shaping the care they receive, and about tackling the broad and multi-layered health inequalities faced by marginalised communities.

“I am so proud to be a trustee at Live Through This, and to represent a project that creates vital recognition and visibility for LGBT people impacted by cancer, and those who care for them. LGBT people have a right to access care that meets their specific needs, and to see clinicians who can understand them and answer questions they might have. No two people are the same, and that’s why it’s so important we champion informed and personalised care for all, and that we offer a place for people to connect with those who may have similar experiences, worries, or questions. I so look forward to championing the powerful work that we’ve done and will do to ensure our communities can navigate cancer in an informed, empowered, and supported way.”