Our mission

Our work is born out of personal experience. We understand what it is like to not see yourself reflected in the services you are using, especially during such a personal and profound time in your life. We want to change that.

We often hear that cancer can affect anyone but we do not see everyone accommodated in the support available. This is why we provide opportunities for LGBTQI+ people affected by cancer to meet and share their experiences.

We believe that people of all sexualities and genders should be able to see themselves represented in the cancer services they access and that those service providers should be welcoming and knowledgeable of what it means to be LGBTQI+.

That is why we work on a multi-level approach to transform cancer care into a more inclusive environment. We would like all of the patients, survivors, partners, carers in our community to be able to feel welcome.

We want people to go through their cancer experience with dignity and their pride intact. We know cancer is tough and can feel isolating. However, we believe that whatever your treatment plan or the path ahead of you, we can all help each other live through this experience.

I have found the meetings really useful and fun. It's been good to discuss my feelings with sympathetic people and to be able to share my thoughts, especially about the reactions of other people. I recommend Live Through This to any LGBTQ+ person affected in whatever way by cancer.

Gay male, bereaved partner

It was clear there was a lack of specific support for cancer patients within the LGBTQIA+ community and LTT is pivotal in fulfilling that need. LTT provides a safe, warm and friendly environment in which those who have or are affected by cancer can come together and meet with others who understand the unique challenges that face us as a minority group within society and healthcare.

Clinical Nurse Specialist