Ginger Jelly

This golden hued jelly is made from fresh ginger tea. The best thing about this wobbly treat is that you can adjust the sweet and spicy levels to suit your taste. The same goes for the bounce. If you prefer a jelly you can slice into cubes, then up the gelatin ratio slightly. This recipe uses grass-fed beef gelatin which is high in protein. For powder gelatin the tea must be cooled to room temperature before combining the grains. Leaf gelatin needs to be soaked or bloomed in cold water before dissolving in warm liquid. Follow your gelatin brand instructions for soft or firm set!

Serves: 4

Time: 1hr (+4hrs cooling)

Good for: Sore mouths, chewing problems





50g fresh ginger peeled + sliced

500ml water

1 tbsp sugar or honey/agave

7g gelatin powder



Boil the ginger, sugar and water for 10 minutes then taste to see if it has reached desired spiciness. The longer you boil, the more intense the ginger flavour will be. Note that some of the liquid will evaporate but for the jelly you’ll need 400ml liquid. Cool completely if using grain gelatin.


Add the gelatin powder to the room temperature tea. Heat the mixture gently on low and stir with a spoon until the grains are completely dissolved. A whisk will only incorporate air so a spoon works just fine. Pour the liquid into a container and pop any persistent air bubbles with the spoon. Cover and chill in the fridge overnight or until set.



Airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days