We know coronavirus is impacting both cancer patients and LGBTQI+ folk. We want to explore what it means to be both.

Early data and personal anecdotes are showing that both LGBTQI+ people and those affected by cancer are being impacted during this global health crisis. We want to know what is happening to those of us who are both.

Data is vital to capturing the experiences of those affected during any health crisis or inequality. Without it, it can be difficult to demonstrate impact or lobby for support. That is why our survey tries to capture a broad range of issues so that we can better understand your experience. With your responses we can take our data forward to represent our community to the larger charities and organisations that have the resources to help us.

Our survey has been designed with oversight from our trustees and other experts in the field to make sure that it is not only robust but will also be effective in representing our experiences in the broader national health discussions.

We are grateful for the support of the NHS LGBT Health Team, Cancer Research UK, Macmillan and others for their help in sharing the survey. We also appreciate every single member of our community who has filled out the survey or passed it on to a friend. The more responses we can collect, the stronger our collective voice, the greater our impact.

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