Announcing a Coppafeel! Collaboration!

We have been busy working behind the scenes on an exciting collaborative project with Coppafeel! and its time to finally share what we’ve been up to!

We know that breast cancer information can be overly gendered, too pink or show images of breasts that might trigger dysphoria in some of us and we wanted to address this issue head on.

“To have a transgender/non binary specific resource like this now is great. Before this I had to ‘cherry pick’ through cisgender female and male literature when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019.” – Rob

We partnered with Coppafeel! to create an entirely new, bespoke resource. Coppafeel! have shared some great trans content in the past, so we knew that they were the ideal charity to team up with to create our vision of trans and non-binary inclusive chest-checking information.

We pulled upon our collective knowledge and passions and created posters, information pages and FAQs, all in order to support our community. We worked directly with focus groups of trans and non-binary community members to hear what they wanted from us and to steer our work in the right direction. We are so grateful to their input as these resources would not be the same without them. If you want to take part in future focus groups, you can join this mailing list to be kept up to date with new projects from ourselves and the wider LGBTIQ+ network. Read more about how it works here.

“This project is like an angel’s gift. You are not only aiming to fill the missing information gap with regards to the necessary self check but also reaching out to those ones who are scared or maybe too shy to ask for help.” – Oliwia

Our chest-checking guidance is written and displayed in a way that aims to be as gender neutral as possible so that everyone is able to benefit from it. Cancer can affect any of us, so it is important that cancer information is accessible by all of us. By being more creative with the way we display health information, in this case by using fruits, we are able to get around the potentially triggering images that we usually see in cancer resources, or any expectations that some of us might feel about how our body is “supposed to look.” Everyone’s bodies are different and that is okay. Our goal is for people to get to know their normal, and seek help if they notice one or more of these symptoms:

If you want to download the chest-check posters straight away, you can do so by clicking here! Feel free to print and share them in any space that you feel is important. Some places that we recommend are gender clinics, sexual health centres, GP surgeries, and LGBTIQ+ community spaces to name just a few.

Don’t forget to also check out our FAQs and the information page about chest changes during transition.

This information was made with our community, for our community. We are proud to publish this much needed information during Pride Month. Healthcare is a human right, and that includes the information we need to take care of ourselves.

Happy Pride everyone!

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